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Closing out 2017 and entering 2018

Typically at year-end I would say that the year has flown by, but to be honest, 2017 has felt very long for me. For most of the year, I was struggling with feelings of hopelessness, faithlessness, and darkness - which I had never personally experienced before in my life. 

I felt overwhelmed by questions, challenges, and circumstances outside of my control, such as:
Embracing my singleness when many around me seemed to be getting engaged, starting relationships, or popping out babiesFighting feelings of entitlement at work yet knowing that ultimate results were outside of my handsWondering what kind of opportunity I would want to take next in my career - geographically, industry-wise, etc.All of these uncertainties made me subtlety question God's role in my life, and tested my allegiance and trust. I didn't recognize this until months later, but I'm grateful for the "little things" that helped me to slowly look up from the stubborn darkness.

A few lessons from 2017 I…

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